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Beat the Betty s Buckle Series       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  No
Start Date:  04/21/2024 End Date:  04/21/2024
Pre-Entry Deadline:   04/20/2024 Late Entry Deadline:   NA
Location:   Westminster, MD Arena Address:   706 Agricultural Center Dr
Added Money:  150.00 Association:  IBRA NBHA
Value of Prizes:   NA Producer:   Tri State Barrel Series
Dress Code:  NA Event Type:   Barrel Race
Note: Do all entries as one transaction. Once you pay for a transaction, it won't allow you to do another one for this horse, and any new transactions will charged another transaction fee. You will have the opportunity to enter additional horses and riders later in the process as part of this transaction.
Contact Info:
For questions about the show, draws, results, etc. please contact the producer: Becky Schoeffield 717 660 6224
For FastEnter issues and items NOT related to the show, contact 916-275-3277

Notes from Producer:
  • Added Money for IBRA Open 4D Barrel Class: $100 for 10 & Under entries, $150 for 11 to 20 entries, $200 for 21 to 30 entries, $250 for 31 and above.
  • This show is sanctioned with MD IBRA and MD NPBA. Sanctioning fees are included in entry fees. Classes 3, 4 and 5 are combined draw classes. You must denote that you want to roll/carry your times before the Open Combined Draw Class begins. If you are signed up for both the IBRA and Beat the Betty classes and want to run both of the classes you may and your draw numbers will be separated just as if you were running multiple horses.
  • A knocked barrel or pole for any class is a no-time.
  • Novice 3D Barrels is open to riders of any age. There is a minimum time allowed. Any rider clocking a time faster than 20 seconds will be an automatic DQ. This class is designed to encourage riders new to the sport and who are still learning to enter.
  • All Pee Wee CLasses are 10 years and under and you may not cross enter into either Youth class.
  • Swap Race Rules: Each team member will pay their entry fee. Team Members will then swap horses and run each other???s horses for the swap race. Their times will then be combined and paid out in a 3D Format. The team with the fastest combined time will win a pair of buckles. Please list your team members name on your entry sheet above next to the class name.

Rider Information
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* Horse †
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* Phone Number
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* Address 1:
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* City
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* Zip Code
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Note to Producer
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Items with a * are required
† For riders with multiple horses, your horses will run in the order entered unless prohibited by local rules.

IDEnterCarry Over
1-NPBA Open 3D Poles30.00-
2(1)NPBA Youth 3D Poles20.00-
3-IBRA PeeWee Barrels5.00--
4(3)Beat the Bettys PeeWee Barrels5.00--
5-Open IBRA 4D Barrels35.00150.00
6(5)Beat the Betty 3D Open25.00--
7(5)Youth IBRA 3D Barrels25.00-
8(7)Beat The Betty 3D Youth15.00--
9(5)Masters IBRA 3D Barrels25.00-
11(5)Adult IBRA 3D Barrels25.00-
12-Novice 3D Barrels20.00--
13-Swap Race 3D Barrels25.00--

Time Only5.00Time Only Runs
Reminder Messages0.00Reminder Message Service

Ground Fee5.00