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Memorial Day Bash       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  No
Start Date:  05/29/2022 End Date:  05/30/2022
Pre-Entry Deadline:   05/29/2022 Late Entry Deadline:   05/30/2022
Location:   Farmington, NM Arena Address:   41 Road 5568
Added Money:  NA Association:  SWBRA NM 1
Value of Prizes:   NA Producer:   SWBRA NM1
Dress Code:  No Event Type:   Barrel Race
Note: Do all entries as one transaction. Once you pay for a transaction, it won't allow you to do another one for this horse, and any new transactions will charged another transaction fee. You will have the opportunity to enter additional horses and riders later in the process as part of this transaction.
Contact Info:
For questions about the show, draws, results, etc. please contact the producer: Lacy Jo Barnes 505 419 0531
For FastEnter issues and items NOT related to the show, contact 916-275-3277

Notes from Producer:
  • 2020 Rules ? RED = New or changed As of Jan 1, 2020
  • The purpose of the Southwest Barrel Racers New Mexico -1 (SWBRA NM-1) is to provide Barrel Racers with an organization that will promote the sport of barrel racing and its growth.
  • Our goal is to provide quality barrel races.
  • These rules have been adopted to address the needs of SWBRA-NM1 members, promote fairness, eliminate confusion, and assist show organizers.
  • INTRODUCTION These rules cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a barrel race, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. The SWBRA-NM-1 official on site shall decide any situation not covered under these rules. Membership runs from Jan 1 ? Dec 31 of each year and dues are $20 per person. A non-member fee of $10 per race is charged for all others except the SJC Fair race or any race the Leadership decides upon. The Leadership Team can decide to lower fees for the December preceding the New Year.
  • SECTION A: COMPETITION RULES 1. An SWBRA-NM1 barrel race is a timed event using three identical barrels set in a cloverleaf pattern. 2. The starting gate or gates must remain the same throughout the entire event. A contestant may request that the gate be closed after they enter the arena. If an arena has more than one gate at the end where riders enter the arena, riders may be given a choice of starting gates as long as the choice is extended to all riders. 3. The start/finish line and the barrel positions should be permanently marked and must remain the same throughout the entire event. 4. The pattern at an SWBRA-NM1 show must meet the following conditions: a) the first two barrels must be a minimum of 15 feet off the side fence. b) a minimum of 30 feet between the third barrel and the back fence. c) a minimum of 30 feet between the time line and the first barrel. 5. Ground conditions a) the ground conditions within the arena must remain consistent throughout the event. The ground around the barrels must be reworked and leveled after each 10 or fewer contestants have competed. An amount less than 10 may be set by the District Director. b) The preferred method of working the ground is with a ground tool pulled by some type of motor vehicle. Hand raking is not acceptable. 6. Any time a contestant crosses the starting line, time will begin. 7. A contestant will be given a "no time" for missing the pattern. 8. A contestant will be disqualified for running out of turn. It is the contestant's responsibility to know his/her draw position.
  • 9. A contestant will be given a "no time" for knocking over a barrel. A "no time" will also be given if a barrel is knocked over and it sets up again on either end. Touching a barrel, including to keep it from falling, is permitted without penalty. 10. A contestant will be given a no time if the horse or rider falls during the run in such a manner as to break the pattern, or if the rider falls off the horse. 11. If a barrel is moved off its marker during competition, the barrel must be reset prior to the next competitor's run. 12. Contestants may ride any horse, regardless of ownership, and may ride as many horses as they choose in a class. However, a horse may not be shown by more than one person in a class, unless the following conditions are met: a. both contestants are members of the same immediate family who reside in the same household (husband, wife, children and grandchildren 21 and under). Children and grandchildren 21 and under who are attending school away from home, but who reside part of the year with their parents or grandparents are included under this rule. Neither contestant is showing any other horse in that class. In no case will the same horse be run more than twice in the same class. 13. Entries for an SWBRA-NM1 class will remain open until the last runner. All class fees will be paid out at the stated percentages regardless of late entry. 14. At all SWBRA-NM1 shows, the draw shall be done in a random manner. (Computer, shuffling cards, drawing numbered chips, etc.) All horses in the draw must be named. Riders with multiple entries must ride their horses in the position in which they draw up. Once set, the draw may not be changed, except to accommodate entries with the same horse or rider, or entries involving members of the same immediate family, as defined in Section A, Rule 12a, which have drawn up close to each other. Show Management will determine what constitutes ?close to each other?; however, a consistent standard should be adhered to for the class. Changes must be moved to the end. If requested before the draw allowances will be made for those needing at the beginning or end due to other circumstances such as jobs, driving, etc. 15. Only one horse may be in the competition arena at any time during competition. 16. Reruns shall be granted if the timer fails to work properly or if the barrels are not placed properly on their markers. Any penalty incurred on the original run shall not be applied against the rerun; however, any penalty occurring on the rerun shall result in a no time. 17. If the pattern is altered in any way during the running of a class, such that it cannot be restored to its original layout, all runs made to that point are void for the purpose of SWBRA-NM1 points. SWBRA-NM1 points may be awarded only if the entire class is rerun. (An altered pattern includes, but is not limited to: Changes in the staked position of the barrels; a change in the position of the timing device, either vertically or horizontally; or a change in the position of the entry gate(s). 18. Contestants who are given a no-time, either for missing the pattern or knocking down a barrel, may complete the pattern. However, show management may, at its discretion, ask a rider who is taking excessive time to train to leave the arena immediately. If such request is not complied with, a $25 fine may be assessed, payable to the district awards fund. 19. SWBRA-NM1 Officials have the right to disqualify any uncontrolled horse, which does not begin performance within one minute of the time the rider has been called. If
  • race officials deem an uncontrollable horse as a safety issue, you may be asked to leave the arena. 20. All riders must check in with the gate person and be in the holding pen area by the end of the drag before their draw number. If you have not checked in before the end of the drag you will be disqualified. Mulligans will be allowed if you are disqualified for being late to your drag. If a rider does not wish to be in the holding pens this will be allowed as long as you are in the immediate area and have checked in with the gate person before the drag ends to make them aware that you are present.
  • Barrel Racing Mulligan Rules - 2019 1. This means if you have a no time in a class you may pay to run again and replace your time. If it was a carry over time you will pay more since it impacts two classes. The fee to run again will be $30 Open $20 Youth/Senior. At the Sat. pm and Sunday races during the finals the mulligans entry fee will be $50 for open and $20 for youth/senior or carry over). You must have someone come up to the entry stand and pay your entry before the last drag or immediately after you run if you are in the last drag. You will run again (on the same horse as you got the NT) after the last regular racer in the order you re-enter. 2. If you have a carryover you MUST pay the mulligan for both, we cannot change one no-time but not the other. 3. The mulligan entry fee will be put toward added money at our district championships to be held in November 2020.You will earn NM 1 points based on the time of your mulligan run but will NOT be eligible for any average monies, saddle, or prizes.
  • SECTION B - EARNED POINTS & PAY OUTS & SPONSORSHIP 1. To earn and maintain points, a competitor must be a member in good standing of the SWBRA-NM1. Riders will not earn points if their membership has not been paid, 2. SWBRA-NM1 members may accumulate points and prizes in any other SWBRA district if they pay that district?s membership fees. SWBRA-NM1 is independent legally and financially from all other organizations with SWBRA in their title. 3. Divisions are determined by time brackets. The fastest time in the class will set the time for payback and points. The fastest time will set the time for points. 1st division - Fastest time in the class and those who place in this division. 2nd division - Fastest time in the class plus one-half second and those who place in this division. 3rd division - Fastest time in the class plus one second and those who place in this division. 4th division - Fastest time in the class plus two seconds and those who place in this division. Note: The 4th division is not limited to a one-second interval from two to three seconds off the fastest time; However, riders must make a good faith effort to run the pattern as fast as their ability will allow. 4. SWBRA-NM1 points will be awarded in all classes and divisions on a 5,4,3,2,1 basis for 1st place through 5th place among SWBRA-NM1 members in that competition district only, regardless of the number of entries or paying places. If two or more riders tie, the points for the tied positions should be added together and divided equally among the riders who tied. If running multiple horses, you can earn points in multiple divisions each day but can only earn points on one horse in each division. If you place in more than one points awarded position in the same division you will be awarded the highest
  • points earned and any other points will be awarded to the next qualified rider and so on until all 5 spots of points are awarded or there are no other members to award points to in that division. 5. Should fewer than five horses place in a division, SWBRA-NM1 points will be awarded beginning with five points for 1st place. 6. SWBRA-NM1 points will not be awarded for any run during which a contestant knocks over a barrel. 7. Competitors may enter more than one class. For example, competitors in the Youth 4D or Senior 4D classes may also qualify in the Open 4D class. 8. Competitors may ride as many horses as they wish in each class. They can also win year end prizes in whatever division or class they place. 9. Our finals will be held in November of each year and a member must have gone to at least 6 races or may ?buy-in? for any missed and must be up-to-date with their Awards Fee in order to enter in the actual Finals Open, Youth or Senior races. 10. SWBRA-NM1 Points, in all classes and divisions are awarded to the rider. 11. All members are eligible to accumulate points throughout the year. If their sponsorship is not paid they may not compete in our November finals, where points determine the placings. Sponsorships are $50 if paid by July 1, $75 if paid July 2- Nov 31, or $100 if paid by finals entry time. All rookies will have until Nov 1 to pay $50. If they haven?t paid it and still want to enter the finals it increases to $100. 12. Payoff?s will follow BBR guidelines for all races. See The default payoff for SWBRA-NM1 shows is as follows: 1. 75% of entry fees must go to the jackpot. 2. In a 3-D payout, the total jackpotted entry fees of a class is to be divided 50% to the1st Division, 30% to the 3rd Division (1 second off fastest time), and 20% to the 4th Division (2seconds off fastest time). In a 4-D payout, the total jackpotted entry fees of a class is to be divided 35% to the 1st Division, 30% to the 2nd Division, 20% to the 3rd Division, and 15% to the 4th Division. 3. Added money will be split evenly among all divisions. 4. Secretaries may alter the number of places paid listed in the BBR payout chart to allow for less paid places in each division so as to payout no less than the entry fees paid by participants to the last place in the 4D. This will be at the discretion of the secretaries at each race. 13. At any SWBRA-NM1 show, if not enough riders qualify in a division as monies to be paid, the money which is the prize money for that division shall be equally divided among those riders in the other divisions of that class who have won prize money.
  • 14. Members will sign for their pay off envelopes and upon signing agree that the amount in the envelope matches the cash or check within. If they have someone else pick up their envelopes (Except for minors) they must have a written or verbal permission to one of the office staff. 15. The classes at each show will be: Open (any age rider), Senior ? age 50 and older from any date you turn 50, and Youth ? age 16 or younger on January 1st of the competition year (and can complete in the Finals youth race following the year they are 16).
  • SECTION C: Rookie Award A rookie is deemed someone who has never been a member of SWBRA NM1 since its inception in January 2014. The standings won?t be decided on until after the Finals race (which has double points). We will have an Open, Youth AND Senior Rookie award based on the most overall points they accumulate in that class. To get their award the Rookie must be a current member and entered in the Finals races.
  • SECTION D: PENALTIES AND/OR DISQUALIFICATIONS SWBRA-NM1 membership and participation in SWBRA-NM1 events is a privilege, not a right. Behavior that is damaging to our Association or its membership will not be tolerated. Violation of any of the following provisions may subject a member to
  • disqualification from SWBRA-NM1 events, being denied entry to SWBRA-NM1 events, loss of points, or suspension from the Association.
  • 1. Any act in connection with an SWBRA-NM1 show or other SWBRA-NM1 business in violation of this section by a member of the family of an SWBRA-NM1 member may be deemed to have been committed by the SWBRA-NM1 member and subject him or her to penalties. 2. Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the SWBRA-NM1 may result in the suspension of a member, including but not limited to the following. a. Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence or harass any contestant, show official or SWBRA-NM1 official. Also, any remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of an SWBRA-NM1 official or show official. b. Moving or attempting to move markers at any time. c. Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run. d. Abuse of a horse in any way. e. Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. f. Misidentifying a horse in any SWBRA-NM1 class will disqualify a contestant. g. Other conduct that is not in the best interest of the SWBRA-NM1 or its members. h. Failure to make good on a returned check to the SWBRA-NM1 or to any SWBRANM1sanctioned event, or to any other association which has a cooperative agreement with the SWBRANM1on returned checks. A returned check fee of $30 will be in place. i. Show Management and/or SWBRA-NM1 Directors at their sole discretion shall have the authority to disqualify or deny entry to any horse they deem dangerous to the rider, or to other individuals, animals or property. 3. A member who has been suspended, disqualified, or denied points under this section may appeal to the Leadership Team of SWBRA-NM1. The decisions of such appeals committee shall be final and binding on all parties.
  • SECTION E - PeeWee Guidelines - The goal of the PeeWee?s is to encourage fun barrel racing with beginning riders and young children. 1. Age limit 8 years of age as of January 1st, and under 2. If the pewee contestant enters in youth or open they are not eligible to compete in the peewee class. 3. The peewee class will not have mulligans. 4. Children may be lead but no riding double with them 5. They will all get a time announced and small prize but there will not be division ?winners? nor points kept. 6. They will run first at any event.
  • SECTION F: 2019 Format Changes 1. At all future evening races we will have the Youth class run first. On afternoon races they will run last. Youth will continue to be 16 & under age as of Jan 1. 2. All races, regardless of amount of entries will be run as a 4D race. 3. For our 2020 competition year (finals being held in November 2020) we voted to revise the fee structure to the following:
  • 4. We are eliminating our separate office fees AND our optional Average fees. 5. Entry fees for single races will be $45 for the Open, $30 for Youth/Seniors. We will take $5 out for awards and pay back 75% of remaining fees. 6. On double race weekends our fees will be $50 for Open, $5 out for awards, $10 to the Average and 75% payback. Senior and youth fees the same as single races. 7. Everyone will be entered in the average and eligible for money/prizes if they run the same horse on two days. 8. Mulligans will remain the same?for knocked barrels, no times, $30/$20/$20 buy back and you WILL be eligible for points but NOT for prizes OR an Average or Target saddle. 9. To reflect the above changes we voted in 2019 to change our existing year end prize protocol to: You win what you win in any division and in any class. We will give prizes down to 10th place minimum in the Open and 8th in the Senior/Youth. 10. We will continue our current sponsorship protocol for 2020. 11. You must be a member in good standing AND pay to enter the finals but you do NOT have to run if medical issues prevent you from doing so and you will still be able to get your year-end prizes 12. Every member must have a W9 signed and on file when they pay for their membership.
  • SECTION G: PROTESTS & COMPLAINTS Persons, who believe a rule violation or infraction has occurred at an SWBRA-NM1 event, may file a written protest with SWBRA-NM Leadership team within 1 week of any incident. The Leadership team shall review the issue and respond in writing within 7 days. However, we encourage anyone with issues that arise during the race to come immediately to the director or a member of the leadership team so it can be dealt with personally and on site.
  • For anything not covered in these rules, the guiding documents will be the NBHA/BBR guidelines as we have used during the past 27 years and will be the decision of the Director with input from at least two other members of the Leadership Team. The Leadership team will receive periodic updates on all matters of importance. Meetings will be held quarterly and anyone is welcome to attend. Complete By-Laws and NonProfit documentation are available upon request.
  • Lacy Jo Barnes- Director 505-419-0531

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1-Sunday Open50.00-
2(1)Sunday Senior30.00-
3(1)Sunday Youth30.00-
4-Monday Open50.00-
5(4)Monday Senior30.00-
6(4)Monday Youth30.00-
7-Nonmember Fee10.00-
8(7)MemberShip Fee20.00-
9(7)Sponsorship after July 1st75.00-

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