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New England Equestrian Center of Athol       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  Yes
Start Date:  05/16/2021 End Date:  05/16/2021
Pre-Entry Deadline:   05/15/2021 Late Entry Deadline:   NA
Location:   Athol, MA Arena Address:   802 New Sherborn Road
Added Money:  NA Association:  NBHA
Value of Prizes:   NA Producer:   NBHA MA02
Dress Code:  Western Boots, Pants, Hat or Helmet Event Type:   Barrel Race
Note: Do all entries as one transaction. Once you pay for a transaction, it won't allow you to do another one for this horse, and any new transactions will charged another transaction fee. You will have the opportunity to enter additional horses and riders later in the process as part of this transaction.
Contact Info:
For questions about the show, draws, results, etc. please contact the producer: Tanya Mayhew 603 439 7244
For FastEnter issues and items NOT related to the show, contact 916-275-3277

Notes from Producer:
  • P a g e | 1 Updated 04/21/2021
  • PREFACE (Revised 4/2021)
  • *Any Rules not covered in these By Laws will be in the NBHA Rules.
  • *It is your responsibility being an NBHA member in good standing and knowing its rules,
  • District rules and Code of Conduct-if your membership expires and you race, your points will
  • not be counted at that race even if you have already accumulated points. Your previously earned
  • points will be resumed if you renew before the 30-day grace period ends.
  • *Membership fees: Check with the National Barrel Horse Association and/or website.
  • Checks may be written for membership dues.
  • Please read NBHA Section E: Penalties and/or Disqualifications.
  • o You must maintain reasonable control of your horse. Please show respect at the
  • arena. Do not use the gate to stop your horse.
  • o Clean up after yourself and your horse(s), do not leave your trash or clean your
  • trailer out at arena grounds.
  • o The timekeeper/announcer shall not be interrupted during a class. If an
  • announcement is needed, please submit it in writing.
  • o Each member shall be able to provide proof of negative coggins test for each
  • horse they bring to shows. The MDA may hold inspections randomly at any of
  • our shows.
  • ? ALL YOUTH 18 & under must wear a helmet while mounted.
  • ? Once a draw is made for specific horse and rider, it shall not be changed.
  • ? There will be no practicing around the barrels during open arena time. If repeated
  • warnings are issued, the rider will be assessed a penalty. Also see: NBHA Rule Section A
  • #18
  • ? If a barrel is knocked over during a run, a no time will be issued, no points will be
  • awarded, and prize money will not be paid. (Touching a barrel is permitted)
  • ? Contestants must attempt to make the fastest run possible. Any obvious attempt to pull up
  • or pace their run may result in penalties.
  • ? Anyone running out of order will receive a No Time.
  • P a g e | 2 Updated 04/21/2021
  • ? A true clover leaf pattern must be run with continued forward motion to receive an
  • official time. Contestant will be warned the first time, but any additional turns will result
  • in a $10.00 fine per turn. The fine must be paid, or contestant may not compete in future
  • NBHA MA01/02 shows until it is paid.
  • ? Warm Up Runs-Forward motion must be maintained during the timed warm-up runs any
  • additional turns will result in a $5.00 fine per turn. The fine must be paid, or contestant
  • may not compete in future NBHA MA01/02 shows until it is paid.
  • ? All Open classes will be paid out in a 4D format, World Qualifying points are kept in a
  • 5D format.
  • ? If you are not listed and or scheduled in the next draw, please do not hang out in the
  • holding area. The chute area must remain clear whenever the show is in progress.
  • ? No Entry Fee shall be refunded-unless the director deems it necessary per arena
  • conditions. There will be no exceptions. Any other refunds may be at the District
  • Director?s discretion.
  • ? Roll Over Times-riders may roll over their time from the Open barrel class to their
  • youth, senior, or middle barrel classes. This must be designated at the time of sign up or
  • prior to the 1st horse running in the Open Class.
  • Fees have been broken down into categories for all members to see where their money is
  • spent:
  • ? District time/office Fees: $1.00 for every rider in the Open, Youth, Middle and Senior
  • classes must be paid to the state Director within 7 days after the race to help fund the
  • State Championships. Districts must pay a $30.00 fee per race to the Nationals 30-60
  • days before any race can be a sanctioned NBHA race and qualifier. Pay for timers and
  • any other acquired costs and expenses. Any monies left over go towards the awards
  • program.
  • ? Insurance Fees: The money paid by each rider goes toward the annual premium to pay
  • for the insurance policy. Each district is required to carry their own policy and must pay
  • for it on their own; it is not supplied by the NBHA.
  • ? Grounds Fees: The money paid by each rider is applied towards the payment for the use
  • of that facility or facilities at each show.
  • P a g e | 3 Updated 04/21/2021
  • ? Dress Down Buy Out: NBHA urges its riders to wear a long-sleeved western shirt,
  • Western hat, and boots to enhance the sport. For a nominal fee of $10.00, a rider may pay
  • that fee to dress down. Boots, jean are still required, helmets for youth riders as well.
  • ? Lost Hat Fine: Members are required to wear a Western Hat (helmet) if the dress down
  • is not opted. It is highly recommended they use a stampede string to keep the hat on
  • during their run. If the hat comes off during their run a hat fine of $5.00 is charged (a fine
  • of $25 is charged at National shows). All fines payable at the end of the class. All fines
  • must be paid prior to the next race entry or you will not be allowed to compete. All
  • collected fines will be placed in the year end awards.
  • ? Non-Member Fee: NBHA National office requires a $10.00 Non-Member Fee from all
  • participants at NBHA Sanctioned Shows if you cannot present proof of current NBHA
  • membership. Proof of membership can be shown by:
  • o Current NBHA card
  • o Your copy of New Member or Renewal Membership application form
  • o Internet receipt for New Member or Renewal Membership
  • o NBHA membership list provided to District Director by the National Office
  • ? Entry Fees: if added money is provided -100% will go to the payouts and will be based
  • on the number of entries as deemed appropriate by the district director.
  • Entry fee=20% goes to the club, 80% goes to the payouts.
  • Jackpot Fundraiser ? Jackpot classes are being held as a fundraiser for our district. If there is
  • no placing in a division the money will not be split and the money will go towards the
  • fundraiser. 70% payout with 30% will go towards the Year End Awards and/or State
  • Championships. Warm up class will be offered at a $5/run fee.
  • RETURNED CHECKS: A fee of $45.00 will be assessed. The contestant will be required
  • to pay this before entering another district MA01/02 show. If a person should have a second
  • offense it will be a cash only requirement for that individual for the remainder of the year.
  • P a g e | 4 Updated 04/21/2021
  • ? Points Disputes-National Rule Section B-10: A competitor with a race dispute has 14
  • days, from the date points are posted, to bring any discrepancies to the attention of the
  • District Director.
  • ? Show Disputes: If there is a problem, concern of suggestion, please address those
  • concerns to the District Director or County Representative. We would suggest that you
  • put your concerns in writing as well. Under no circumstances should the facility owner
  • be approached with an issue pertaining to the show venue. Those who feel a complaint
  • has not been addressed can then contact their State Director who will resolve the
  • situation. If a member is still feeling a complaint has not been addressed, they can file an
  • official complaint under NBHA rule Section G.
  • AWARDS - Qualifying for district year end awards:
  • ? Volunteer at a minimum of one show. (A family member or friend may sign ?up to work
  • in a member place)
  • ? Solicit a $50.00 or greater sponsor or the option to pay for the $50.
  • ? This amount must be paid or received by June 30th to have points accumulated from the
  • beginning of the season. If not received by the 30th points will begin accruing on the date
  • total amount has been received. If you are not attending the show closest to the due date,
  • monies sent in must be postmarked by June 30th. There will be no exceptions!
  • District Sponsorships ? Funds brought in as sponsorships will go towards any expenses for
  • the district first. Any left-over funds will then be applied towards the year end awards. You
  • may request additional sponsorship funds to be applied towards any NBHA Open, Youth, or
  • Senior class.
  • ? Year End Points Accounting ? Please pay attention to your points. Please do not wait
  • until the end of the year. Mistakes do happen. According to Section B show sanction
  • #10 the member has 14 days from the date of points being posted to bring forward any
  • discrepancies to the district director.
  • ? Year ends Awards: If you win it you get it. Year end awards will be decided on the
  • financial status of the district. We do our best to aware prizes our members are proud of.
  • ? Year end award points will be kept in a format based on the size of the club membership
  • list. If you do not want to partake in the Sponsorship/Volunteer clause you will still
  • receive NBHA World Points in Open, Youth, and/or Senior Classes.

Rider Information
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Items with a * are required
† For riders with multiple horses, your horses will run in the order entered unless prohibited by local rules.

IDEnterCarry Over
1-Timed Runs5.00--
3-Novice 2D 12+ Riders20.00--
8-NPBA Pole Bending 3D25.00-
9(8)NPBA Pole Bending 3D Yth50.00-

Warm UP Run5.00Warm UP Run
Warm UP Block5.00Warm UP Block
Dress Down Fee10.00Dress Down Fee

Processing Fee15.00