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Enter this show only for practice       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  No
Start Date:  02/13/21 End Date:  02/13/21
Pre-Entry Deadline:   02/13/21 Late Entry Deadline:   NA
Location:   Golden Valley, AZ Arena Address:   790 Hope Rd
Added Money:  NA Association:  NA
Value of Prizes:   NA Producer:   Kingman Junior Rodeo Association
Dress Code:  NA Event Type:   Rodeo
Contact Info:  Kingman Junior Rodeo Assoication

Rider Information
Roping As Header      Heeler  
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Stock Fees (if any) are included in the entry fee for the awards events. They are not included in Jackpots.

Added Money
101Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull5.00-
102Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Breakaway5.00-
103Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Flag Race5.00-
104Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Poles5.00-
105Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Barrels5.00-
106Pee Wee (Award) Pee Wee Steer Stopping5.00-
107Pee Wee (Award) Junior Breakaway5.00-
108Pee Wee (Award) Junior Steer Riding5.00-
109Pee Wee (Award) Junior Steer Stopping5.00-
111Pee Wee (Award) Junior Barrel Racing5.00-
112Pee Wee (Award) Junior Pole Bending5.00-
113Pee Wee (Award) Junior Goat Tying5.00-
114Pee Wee (Award) Junior Ribbon Roping5.00-
115Pee Wee (Award) Senior Calf Roping5.00-
116Pee Wee (Award) Senior Breakaway5.00-
117Pee Wee (Award) Senior Ribbon Roping5.00-
118Pee Wee (Award) Senior Steer Stopping5.00-
120Pee Wee (Award) Senior Barrel Racing5.00-
121Pee Wee (Award) Senior Pole Bending5.00-
122Pee Wee (Award) Senior Goat Tying5.00-
4201Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull15.00-
4202Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Breakaway15.00-
4203Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Flag Race15.00-
4204Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Poles15.00-
4205Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Barrels15.00-
4206Juniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Steer Stopping15.00-
4207Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Breakaway15.00-
4208Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Steer Riding15.00-
4209Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Steer Stopping15.00-
4211Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Barrel Racing15.00-
4212Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Pole Bending15.00-
4213Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Goat Tying15.00-
4214Juniors (Jackpot) Junior Ribbon Roping15.00-
4215Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Calf Roping15.00-
4216Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Breakaway15.00-
4217Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Ribbon Roping15.00-
4218Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Steer Stopping15.00-
4220Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Barrel Racing15.00-
4221Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Pole Bending15.00-
4222Juniors (Jackpot) Senior Goat Tying15.00-
4301Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull15.00-
4302Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Breakaway15.00-
4303Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Flag Race15.00-
4304Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Poles15.00-
4305Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Barrels15.00-
4306Seniors (Jackpot) Pee Wee Steer Stopping15.00-
4307Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Breakaway15.00-
4308Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Steer Riding15.00-
4309Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Steer Stopping15.00-
4311Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Barrel Racing15.00-
4312Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Pole Bending15.00-
4313Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Goat Tying15.00-
4314Seniors (Jackpot) Junior Ribbon Roping15.00-
4315Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Calf Roping15.00-
4316Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Breakaway15.00-
4317Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Ribbon Roping15.00-
4318Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Steer Stopping15.00-
4320Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Barrel Racing15.00-
4321Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Pole Bending15.00-
4322Seniors (Jackpot) Senior Goat Tying15.00-
401PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull5.00-
402PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Breakaway5.00-
403PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Flag Race5.00-
404PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Poles5.00-
405PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Barrels5.00-
406PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Pee Wee Steer Stopping5.00-
407PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Breakaway5.00-
408PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Steer Riding5.00-
409PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Steer Stopping5.00-
411PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Barrel Racing5.00-
412PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Pole Bending5.00-
413PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Goat Tying5.00-
414PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Junior Ribbon Roping5.00-
415PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Calf Roping5.00-
416PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Breakaway5.00-
417PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Ribbon Roping5.00-
418PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Steer Stopping5.00-
420PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Barrel Racing5.00-
421PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Pole Bending5.00-
422PeeWee - Leadline (Award) Senior Goat Tying5.00-
501(Award) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull7.00-
502(Award) Pee Wee Breakaway7.00-
503(Award) Pee Wee Flag Race7.00-
504(Award) Pee Wee Poles7.00-
505(Award) Pee Wee Barrels7.00-
506(Award) Pee Wee Steer Stopping7.00-
507(Award) Junior Breakaway7.00-
508(Award) Junior Steer Riding7.00-
509(Award) Junior Steer Stopping7.00-
511(Award) Junior Barrel Racing7.00-
512(Award) Junior Pole Bending7.00-
513(Award) Junior Goat Tying7.00-
514(Award) Junior Ribbon Roping7.00-
515(Award) Senior Calf Roping7.00-
516(Award) Senior Breakaway7.00-
517(Award) Senior Ribbon Roping7.00-
518(Award) Senior Steer Stopping7.00-
520(Award) Senior Barrel Racing7.00-
521(Award) Senior Pole Bending7.00-
522(Award) Senior Goat Tying7.00-
601(Award) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull7.00-
602(Award) Pee Wee Breakaway7.00-
603(Award) Pee Wee Flag Race7.00-
604(Award) Pee Wee Poles7.00-
605(Award) Pee Wee Barrels7.00-
606(Award) Pee Wee Steer Stopping7.00-
607(Award) Junior Breakaway7.00-
608(Award) Junior Steer Riding7.00-
609(Award) Junior Steer Stopping7.00-
611(Award) Junior Barrel Racing7.00-
612(Award) Junior Pole Bending7.00-
613(Award) Junior Goat Tying7.00-
614(Award) Junior Ribbon Roping7.00-
615(Award) Senior Calf Roping7.00-
616(Award) Senior Breakaway7.00-
617(Award) Senior Ribbon Roping7.00-
618(Award) Senior Steer Stopping7.00-
620(Award) Senior Barrel Racing7.00-
621(Award) Senior Pole Bending7.00-
622(Award) Senior Goat Tying7.00-
701(Award) Pee Wee Goat Tail Pull7.00-
702(Award) Pee Wee Breakaway7.00-
703(Award) Pee Wee Flag Race7.00-
704(Award) Pee Wee Poles7.00-
705(Award) Pee Wee Barrels7.00-
706(Award) Pee Wee Steer Stopping7.00-
707(Award) Junior Breakaway7.00-
708(Award) Junior Steer Riding7.00-
709(Award) Junior Steer Stopping7.00-
711(Award) Junior Barrel Racing7.00-
712(Award) Junior Pole Bending7.00-
713(Award) Junior Goat Tying7.00-
714(Award) Junior Ribbon Roping7.00-
715(Award) Senior Calf Roping7.00-
716(Award) Senior Breakaway7.00-
717(Award) Senior Ribbon Roping7.00-
718(Award) Senior Steer Stopping7.00-
720(Award) Senior Barrel Racing7.00-
721(Award) Senior Pole Bending7.00-
722(Award) Senior Goat Tying7.00-


Ground Fee25.00