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11th Annual Ropin and Racing For A Cure       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  Yes
Start Date:  02/23/2024 End Date:  02/25/2024
Pre-Entry Deadline:   02/16/2024 Late Entry Deadline:   02/25/2024
Location:   Norco, CA Arena Address:   3737 Crestview Drive
Added Money:  3000.00 Association:  WCBRA
Value of Prizes:   600.00 Producer:   Lunde Enterprises
Dress Code:  Yes Sat Sun Only Event Type:   Barrel Race
Note: Do all entries as one transaction. Once you pay for a transaction, it won't allow you to do another one for this horse, and any new transactions will charged another transaction fee. You will have the opportunity to enter additional horses and riders later in the process as part of this transaction.
Contact Info:
For questions about the show, draws, results, etc. please contact the producer: Jerry Lunde 951 212 2238
For FastEnter issues and items NOT related to the show, contact 916-275-3277

Notes from Producer:
  • When entering, please do all your entries as a single transaction, including additional horses and additional riders so that you only have to pay the transaction fee once! Transaction fees CANNOT be refunded. This can be accomplished by entering all info for your first horse on the first screen and then click Next. Review info on the second screen and then click Next. On the third screen DO NOT click Checkout yet! Click Enter with Another Horse next to your entry listing to add another horse for the same rider. To add an additional rider (a parent, child, or sibling) just click the button Add Another Person to this Show at the bottom left BEFORE clicking Checkout. Make sure you add all riders on all horses BEFORE clicking Checkout to complete your transaction and pay your $6 fee. If you are trying to enter for your friends using this method, please have them go through and give you ALL of their correct information BEFORE you start this process.
  • Use the "Note to Producer" field to request early/late draws or to tell us if you are running on behalf of someone you know affected by cancer. Text limit is 80 characters so be brief when necessary.
  • Also, please indicate in that same field if you the contestant are a veteran, active duty military, police, fire, EMT or paramedic. The Daniel Ferguson Memorial Foundation has sponsored a buckle that you are eligible to win.
  • In the Phone Number fields, please use the format 9515551234 for your phone numbers. That means no spaces and no dashes. If you use () around the area code the complete number will not show up in our system due to a limitation of the software.
  • Make sure you check the Carry Over box for any sidepots or if you are running in more than one of the Open/Novice/Futurity. All contestants are mixed in the same draw and will only run once. All times will be carry over only.
  • ALL contestants who pre-enter must still check in at the office, verify that their physical entry form is correct, sign a separate release of liability form, and pay all fees prior to getting on their horse. All guests who will sit on a horse including babies on your lap must have a signed waiver at the check in table prior to sitting on a horse.
  • For Grounds Fee, you must enter a 1, 2 or 3. This is the numbers of days you are competing and the system will calculate the fee as $10 for one day only, $20 for 2 days, or $30 for all 3 days.
  • Below are rules, notes and important info from the entry form. Make sure you read them! Also, additional information, rules, show updates and release of liability text can be found at
  • -
  • 11th Annual Roping and Racing For A Cure presented by Dacon Wire and Cable - February 23rd,24th,25th, 2024 - George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center - 3737 Crestview Ave Norco, CA
  • $3,000 Added WCBRA Open 5D Barrel Race with 0.5 second splits. $1,500 Added Saturday + $1,500 Added Sunday. Buckles to Winner of Each D.
  • WCBRA Futurity 2D with 1.0 second split. Average is for Saturday and Sunday ONLY, Friday is a warm up race. Side pots Sat/Sun only. Dress Code Saturday and Sunday.
  • - Sidepots: (ALL side pots are 90% Payout!)
  • All side pots are "best run" format. We take your fastest time from Sat/Sun and there is a single divisional payout for each side pot after Sunday's race based on each contestant's fastest time. You have 2 chances in case you hit a barrel 1 day you can still win in the side pots.
  • You don't have to run both days to enter side pots. You can just run once and we will count that time for the side pot payout.
  • 3D Top 3 - 0.7 second splits. This puts a division where the middle of the 2D normally is and between where the 3D and 4D normally are, so it's another chance to win and win big because we only pay the top 3 in each division. With enough entries, it can pay the biggest checks of the event.
  • Youth 4D Side Pot - Age 16 and under - Standard splits (0.5, 0.5, 1.0)
  • Prime 4D Side Pot - Age 17 through 49 - Standard splits (0.5, 0.5, 1.0)
  • Senior 4D Side Pot - Age 50 and over - Standard splits (0.5, 0.5, 1.0)
  • Helmet 4D Side Pot - Open to any rider who wears a helmet. Must wear helmet both days if you compete both days.
  • All age groups are current age as of 2/23/24.
  • - Novice Class:
  • We use a +3.0 second time split for our Novice class which is based off the fastest Open 1D time. You can think of it like an extra division of the open that is a second slower than the last open division. For example, if a 15.000 wins the Open, an 18.000 will win the Novice class. Novice is a separate class with no added money, but a lower entry fee. Novice and Open riders will all be mixed in the same draw so Novice contestants can request early, middle or late draw. Riders who choose to enter the Open and the Novice will carry their time from the Open to the Novice. Novice is a 70% payout. The Novice average will be based on Sat/Sun only and have a 90% payout with a buckle awarded to the winner of the Novice average. The Novice average is based on the aggregate time split from Saturday Novice and Sunday Novice added together. Closest Novice aggregate time to that aggregate wins the Novice average and Novice average buckle. All contestants must be entered in the Open, Novice or Futurity. Riders entering in the youth side pot may carry from the Novice or the Open, but you cannot run ONLY in the Youth Side Pot. We will run a PeeWee class on Saturday right before the Open. Please bring a wrapped gift $10 value as the entry fee so that each PeeWee contestant goes home with a prize.
  • PeeWee's are lead line only.
  • - WCBRA Futurity: (Futurities are 90% Payout!)
  • Fri/Sat/Sun/Avg for 4x WCBRA runs. 2D with 1.0 Second split. Pays 1st in each D for 1-10 entries and 2nd in each D for 11+ entries. $30 Entry Fee Includes WCBRA fee. You can get 4x runs for WCBRA Futurity Finals. Average is Sat/Sun only. You must either enter the Open and carry your time over into the futurity or pay the grounds fee for the event. ANY horse meeting standard futurity eligibility can enter even if you are not a WCBRA Futurity nominated horse or a WCBRA member in general. Any horse that is NOT already nominated and approved as a WCBRA Futurity horse must send in a photo of their horse and a copy of registration papers (or vet affidavit as to age). All Futurity, Novice and Open contestants are mixed together in the same draw so you can request early, middle or late draw if you are only running in the Futurity. All contestants will run once and carry their time over into the Futurity, Novice, and any side pots entered.
  • Futurity eligibility is for horses foaled in 2019 and 2020 (4yrs and 5yrs) who have not competed in barrel racing prior to November 15, 2023. Horses who have competed prior to then will be disqualified without refund. Horses may NOT have ever competed for money, prizes, or points regardless of having won any money, prizes or points. Horses may have exhibitioned.
  • - Other Info:
  • Questions? Call/Text 951-444-0404
  • DO NOT mail checks! You will pay ALL entry fees on site, cash only at race.
  • You can enter by mailing this form to the PO Box provided, or online at If you enter online you will pay a $6 transaction fee to the merchant that we have no control over and cannot refund. You can enter multiple horses AND multiple riders under 1 transaction on Fast Enter to minimize that fee.
  • Friday Schedule: Exhibitions 3-5pm, Race Starts at 5:30pm*
  • Sat/Sun Schedule: Exhibitions 8-9:30am, Race starts at 10am*
  • PeeWee class Sat at 9:50am
  • All Stalls/Dry Camping are through the City of Norco via email at (Patty)
  • Pre-enter by 2/16/23, or $20 Late Fee
  • Grounds Fee $10 per day
  • WCBRA Average pays 90% for
  • Sat/Sun only, Pays Top 5 in each D
  • Average Buckles to 1st in Each D
  • Dress Code for Sat/Sun only
  • Contact Jerry Lunde 951-212-2238 for Sponsor Opportunities
  • All entries received after 2/16 will be in late draw.
  • Checks will be paid out at the race where available.
  • Checks for each day may not be available until the following day.
  • Exhibitions $5 each, pay at the gate.
  • Office Opens Fri 4pm, Sat/Sun 9am

Rider Information
* First Name
* Last Name
* Horse †
Registered Horse?
Rider over 18?
* Phone Number
Cell Phone
* Address 1:
Address 2:
* City
* State
* Zip Code
* Email
Note to Producer
NBHA Dist Id

Items with a * are required
† For riders with multiple horses, your horses will run in the order entered unless prohibited by local rules.

IDEnterCarry Over
1-Friday Open WCBRA55.00--
2-Saturday Open WCBRA75.001500.00-
3-Sunday Open WCBRA75.001500.00-
4-Open Average WCBRA25.00--
5-Friday Draw0.00--
6(2,3)3D Top3 Sidepot50.00--
7(2,3,12,13)Youth Sidepot50.00--
8(2,3,12,13)Prime Sidepot50.00--
9(2,3,12,13)Senior Sidepot50.00--
10(2,3,12,13)Helmet Sidepot50.00--
11(1)Friday Novice40.00--
12(2)Saturday Novice50.00--
13(3)Sunday Novice50.00--
14-Novice Average20.00--
15-Saturday Draw0.00--
16(1)Futurity Friday WCBRA30.00--
17(2)Futurity Saturday WCBRA30.00--
18(3)Futurity Sunday WCBRA30.00--
19-Futurity Average WCBRA30.00--
20-Sunday Draw0.00--

Grounds Fee ($10 per day)10.00Grounds Fee ($10 per day)