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No Bull Grand Slam       (Show Not Accepting Entries)

       This show is currently not accepting entries for one of two reasons:
  1. The pre-entry deadline has already passed.
  2. The producer has decided to stop taking entries for this show

FastEnter Express Show:  No
Start Date:  04/03/2020 End Date:  04/05/2020
Pre-Entry Deadline:   03/24/2020 Late Entry Deadline:   04/03/2020
Location:   Lexington, VA Arena Address:   Maury Road
Added Money:  17500.00 Association:  WBRL
Value of Prizes:   NA Producer:   Beth Kidd
Dress Code:  No Bull Wear OR Full Western Attire Event Type:   Barrel Race
Note: Do all entries as one transaction. Once you pay for a transaction, it won't allow you to do another one for this horse, and any new transactions will charged another transaction fee. You will have the opportunity to enter additional horses and riders later in the process as part of this transaction.
Contact Info:
For questions about the show, draws, results, etc. please contact the producer: Beth Kidd 704 968 1162
For FastEnter issues and items NOT related to the show, contact 916-275-3277

Notes from Producer:
  • READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WBRL, Youth , Select and Average are SIDEPOTS. You MUST enter OPEN. The WBRL and Youth Payout on each go, SO you NEED TO CLICK BOTH DAYS.
  • - - Standard 4D format.
  • -- - The No Bull Average pays out on a 4D format based on best 2 runs .
  • --- - Pre-entries must be postmarked by the date specified on the entry form associated with given show.
  • - - No entry will be accepted without a name in horse column. Errors or non-legible forms will NOT be entered.
  • - - ALL entries must check in before first run. Riders are responsible for checking the show pre-entry book and verifying entries are correct. No payment or refunds will be given on non-verified/non initialed entries.
  • - - Horse changes will be taken in show office & must be done prior to first run.
  • - - Rider substitutions are allowed in any subsequent go rounds of a multi-go round event; however, the replacement rider must qualify said horse to be able to compete in the Shootout (finals) round. [If the original rider qualified for the Shootout round (finals) and opts out of the race, he/she also forfeits any Shootout (finals) qualification.] Rider replacement is ONLY allowed due to injury or illness of the original rider. If the original rider opts out of a race, he/she is no longer eligible to compete in said event. Average will be based on replacement rider if they have the required number of qualifying runs. The office MUST be notified prior to run.
  • - - Cash or credit card ONLY the day of show. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED
  • - - Late entries will be issued a late fee depending on the event. Unlimited Entries.
  • - - All debts must be paid in office prior to being able to race.
  • - - No refunds on entries. Entries can be transferred to any horse/rider combination prior to first horse run.
  • - - No refunds on stalls.
  • - - All horses staying overnight must be stalled (tie out fee TBD per facility hosting event)
  • -- In Oder to constitute a big, drag, there must be 10 horses to run after the big drag. Less than 10, will drag on 5 without a big drag.
  • - - Western attire required. Long sleeve and hat or helmet. An official No Bull T-Shirt and cap may be substituted.
  • - - $35 fee for returned checks. A 5% convenience fee will be charged on credit card transactions.
  • - - No Bull Progressive money is included in the entry fee (optional).
  • - - No Bull Youth participants must be 19 or younger as of January 1, 2019 (added money based on 100 entries).
  • -- All prize money not picked up at an event will be mailed out according to the rules of each event.
  • -- All sanctioned/produced events will pay a minimum of 70% of pot. Added money based on 100 entries unless otherwise stated
  • -- $5 Per entry No Bull Select Progressive Fee and $3 WBRL fee where applicable.
  • -- All events will payout a minimum of 70% of entry fees . Side pot added money based on 100 entries.
  • --Pre-entries MUST be postmarked 9 working days before show.(2 mondays before show) to allow mailing time.
  • -- Online entries close the Monday the week of the show at midnight est.
  • --Checks not picked up at show, are mailed 10 working days after show. Complete address and current W-9 MUST be on file.
  • All No Bull Barrel Races will offer several side pots for racers to enter in. These incentives are optional and can be entered on-site. Each side pot will have a minimum of 70% payback and riders must be entered in the open. Any added money to any side pots offered at No Bull Barrel Races will be based on 100 entries/350 entries at Finale.
  • The World Barrel Racing League will function like a side pot as your time will be carried over from your open run. Anyone can enter the WBRL side pot, however, only members will be allowed to count their points earned towards the WBRL World Finals
  • Thank you to our Sponsors!

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† For riders with multiple horses, your horses will run in the order entered unless prohibited by local rules.

IDEnterCarry Over
1-$10K Grand Slam Open 4D200.0010000.00-
2-WBRL Sidepot(must enter open)60.002500.00-
4-$7500 Select(must enter open)75.00--
5-Youth Sidepot(must enter open)50.002500.00-
7-AVG Sidepot(must enter open)50.002500.00-

Time Only5.00Time Only Runs
Reminder Messages0.00Reminder Message Service

Processing Fee25.00